Platforms for change

As most are aware, the Super Bowl occurred this past Sunday and was watched by millions worldwide. The final game of the NFL season captivates the attention of many as people gather around their televisions with friends and family for a party to root on their team. 

What many people don’t consider is the opportunity to use the Super Bowl as a platform to discuss a need for change. When considering how to use ad time and perfromances many want to steer clear of being controversial. 

When looking at how Airbnb used their ad time in Super Bowl they advertised the need to accept everyone with #weaccept. The company celebrated the richness of culture and wanted to spread their value of accepting everyone to the millions of viewers. 

During Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé stunned the audience during her halftime show with her group of all Black women as background dancers. She sang about her pride for her black culture while paying a tribute to the Black Panthers in her costume choice. 

In lieu of the state of our nation there was still room for many other companies and performers to use that platform to make a meaningful statement on the need for change. Lady Gaga, the halftime performer of Super Bowl 51 has a song that tackles the issues of sexual assault on college campuses that she chose not to perform during the halftime show. 

While it is understandable that some companies and artists want to remain as uncontroversial as possible, they often times are remembered more vividly when they choose to go against the grain and speak out. 


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