Living Histories

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As Black History Month comes to a close I wanted to share some ways that students on campus were celebrating the histories of those who came before them. What many don’t realize is that we are the history of tomorrow and the way we live and understand the past will affect the history we create for those who come after us.

The first image captures the Miss Black and Gold scholarship pageant that showcases the Black women on our campus who are serving their communities and pursuing academic achievement.

The second image shows poet and activist Chanel Bebe sharing poetry on black love at the the Love and Blackness spoken word night.

The third image shows a student sharing her thoughts on a world where racial equality is a priority as the Black History Month exhibit.

The fourth photos showcases a student reflecting on the brick structure that was built at the Black Cultural Center that signified the history of the center and the demonstration where students in the 60s carried bricks to Hovde Hall calling for a Cultural Center.

The fifth photo shows students in Windsor residence hall decorating their door with pictures of black women throughout history.

The final photo shows a student reflecting on the art at the Willis Bing Davis Black History Month exhibit at the Greater Lafayette Art Museum.

Share below your favorite way to celebrate balaclava history month and how you are creating a meaningful history for future generations to reflect on.


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