Professor Crunk Comes to Purdue


As Black History Month comes to a close March is on the horizon, I want to remind everyone that learning about Black history and the Black experience today does not have to be limited to just one month. Purdue has so many opportunities to learn more about race and social justice issues through the events that they host on campus. One event I am especially looking forward to is Dr. Brittany Cooper coming to campus.

Dr. Cooper, who also goes by “Professor Crunk”, is an Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University. On her blog, Crunk Feminist Collective, she discusses race and gender representations especially in pop culture, as well as Black feminism and hip hop feminism. She also serves as a TV Commentator on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, All in with Chris Hayes and Al Jazeera America. She also has a weekly column on about race and gender issues. She will be covering topics of race and gender in modern society during the event at Purdue on March 23.

Who: Dr. Brittany Cooper “Professor Crunk”

When: March 23

Time: 7-8pm

Where: Stewart Center Room 218CD


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