Cultural Centers Welcome You with Open Arms

I have encountered many students who have exhibited some hesitancy going into the cultural centers, especially if it represents a culture they are not a part of. They are reluctant to utilize the space or get involved in an effort to learn about the culture. 
What I wish to convey to these students is that the cultural centers welcome you with open arms and take a great interest in educating on and sharing their culture with others. I want to convey some ways to get involved with some of the different cultural centers on Purdue’s campus. 

The Black Cultural Center is focused on sharing the culture of Black folks in America and the African diaspora through the arts. The BCC invites students to attend the showcases to learn more about the culture of Black folks from the students who live these experiences themselves. The BCC also offers great space to study in their library and lab. 

The Latino Cultural Center had regular Spanish speaking tables and serve Latino foods to attendees on a weekly basis. They are always willing to share their culture as it relates to their day to day practices. 

The LGBTQ Center on campus offers Safe Zone training several times throughout the semester. This training helps students create a safe and inclusive space to have conversations about social justice issues and not judge others based upon their social identity. 

These centers welcome individuals who are not familiar with the culture and are willing to introduce them to their practices, traditions and values. Now it is your turn to take that first step. 


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