Art of Culture

It’s that time of semester again where we get the first taste of what the performance ensembles at the Black Cultural Center showcase what they have been working on thus far. The ensembles shared their progress on their work during the annual Coffee House. 

My favorite part about the BCC Coffee Hoise is the way that the different ensembles (Jabari Dane Troupe, Haraka Writers, Black Voices of Inspiration and New Directional Players) are able to all center their performances on a common theme.  The theme that they all played off of was Black Love and Self Love. 

The Haraka Writers wrote spoken word pieces that they performed as a collective that detailed the love between 2 black individuals as well as the love for their culture. 

The Jahari Dance Troupe performed a dance together that showcased the love for Black culture and self love. 

The New Directional Players offered  comedic skits that showed the relationship that black women have for their hair, as well as love between people of the same gender. 

And lastly the Black Voices of Inspiration sang of love and beauty in their hymn style songs that also touched on the joy of being black and the pride in their heritage. They sang and swayed back and forth engraving the crowd and tying all the ensembles together. 

It is always so amazing to see the great dedication of student on campus to sharing their culture and passion through the arts and exposing others to their talent. I encourage everyone to see the perfromces by these talent students


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