Latino Culture cannot be Bulldozed 

Happy Wednesday everyone. On Wednesdays, the Latino Cultural Center is usually buzzing with conversation as they have weekly Spanish conversation tables. The conversation tables allow people to not only engage in conversation in their native tongue but also to allow people who are new to the language to get some practice.

These conversation tables may soon come to an end as the Latino Cultural Center is being forced out of the house on Russell Street where they currently reside. According to Purdue officials, the LCC will force to move to a smaller location early next semester as the neighboring fraternity purchased the land to turn it into a parking lot.

I have personally enjoyed attending many events at the Latino Cultural Center. Being in that house there is such a welcoming and familial vibe. Being surrounded by students of Latino heritage it was apparent how much that space meant to them and how much support they got from the center. 

From attending events that were centered on cooking traditional Latino food, doing crafts in the dining room area, and having conversations in the living room space it seemed as though the center could have used more space. I am hopeful that the downsize does not sacrifice the resources of the space or their ability to host events

It is my hope that though there are many memories tied to the current LCC space, that they will find a way to create new and great memories in the new space as well. I look forward to attending events there and supporting my fellow Latino students through this move. 


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