Recruiting Diversity

When thinking about diversity on Purdue’s campus, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the great efforts that go into recruiting underrepresented students to Purdue. There are many students, staff and organizations that are dedicated to supporting the process by which underrepresented students apply, visit and ultimately accept their admission to Purdue.

This past Friday was Boiler Tracks Day. Boiler Tracks, a student organization dedicated to recruiting underrepresented students from 8th grade to the moment student accept their admission. Boiler Tracks Day  was a day for admitted underrepresented students to have the opportunity to attend classes with current underrepresented students to experience a day in the life of a Purdue student.

“I enjoyed the ability to connect with students and answer all of their questions about the attending Purdue,” said Jalynn Evans. “I also enjoyed hearing all the students express their commitment to attend Purdue in the fall based off of their experience during Boiler Tracks Day.”

“A lot can be learned from different groups of people and increasing the diversity will increase everyone’s educational experiences at Purdue,” Antonia Roach.

Boiler Tracks Day built relationships between current students, staff and perspective students. Boiler Tracks creates a network of support for underrepresented students coming in the the university and the ability for them to pay it forward through the organization for the next incoming class of underrepresented students.



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