Afro Week

The Africa Student Association at Purdue is a vibrant and active group of students, from varying African nations or from African heritage, who are dedicated to sharing the history, culture and ways of life in African society. 

Every spring ASA holds a week of events to celebrate and share African culture with Purdue’s campus. This year the week of events was titled Afro Week and brought together students from all walks of life to participate in and further understand African culture. 

I attended a few of the events throughout the week and documented the experience in the video. Each day of the week had a different theme and activity associated. 

On Monday, the theme was “so you think you’re African?” where students shared their experiences growing up in African nations though a family feud style game. On Tuesday, we learned how to cook jollof rice as staple dish especially in Nigerian culture and watched a movie together about civil war in African nations. On Wednesday we had a conversation about western beauty standards and how African women especially with darker skin tones are perceived to be not as beautiful. On Thursday the theme was gender bender. We had a competitions between two teams consisting of both genders and men had to perform stereotypical female tasks and vice versa to win points. For example, men had to braid hair and paint nails and the women had to rap and shoot baskets. On Friday was African/ASA pride day where they wore traditional African clothing or ASA tshirts. And finally on Saturday was 54 Shades of Africa a formal event with a series of performances depicting African culture and history through skits, poetry, song and dance. 

This week was a rewarding experience for students to immerse themselves into another culture in order to understand the experiences of others and gain a new perspective on the African continent and the countries within. 


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