Grand Prix Community

Grand Prix week at Purdue is the week before dead week where students celebrate the semester, the coming of warm weather and the race (that not many boilermakers have actually been to). The week is one giant party of students coming together morning, noon and night to spend time together and express their excitement for the end of the semester. One last hoorah before the stress of finals sets in and the studying begins. 

This year the underrepresented students wanted an opportunity for them to really socialize and build community among one another during Grand Prix week. University Residences and the UR Global program created a week of events to do just that. The week of events encompassed critical discusssion, free ice cream, relay races, a talent show and finally a cookout. All of these events were focused on bringing the minority community of purdue together and giving them space to celebrate their identity, build community and have fun.

After talking with the attendees of the events, we found that the community cookout was something that students would like to carry on year after year. It was co-sponsored by diversity organizations from each college on campus and served up burgers, games and live music from a Chicago artist. The students and organizers alike enjoyed the ability to socialize and get to know new people as well as enjoy Sunday dinner together. Upon cleaning and packing up we all promised to carry this on and make a tradition for Grand Prix weeks for years to come. 


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