Summer of Service


As the semester comes to a close, I want express my gratitude for the readers who have invested time into learning and exploring these topics with me. This journey has led to great conversations and realizations that have only contributed to a more welcoming environment at Purdue.

While there were many issues we were able to cover, I know there are still a host of topics yet to be explored. I hope that through this blog you were able to expand your thinking and understanding of race and equity as well as to get involved in justice initiatives at Purdue.

The active students on campus who inspired me to start this blog are all dedicated to important issues that need to be addressed and I encourage everyone to reach out to groups on and off campus dedicated to seeking liberation and building a better community. There is still a lot of work left to do to make this world more equitable for everyone, so I want to leave you with some groups that would be great to get involved with over the summer.


The mission of the YWCA is to empower women in the community to help them build a sustainable life for themselves and their families. The YWCA also works to eliminate racism and promote justice and equality through their programs. Be sure to connect with the Greater Lafayette YWCA to learn out regular volunteer opportunities.

Kheprw Institute

Kheprw is an organization based in Indianapolis that is dedicated to community empowerment through self-mastery. KI is on a mission to create a more just and equitable society through nurturing youth and young adults to be effective leaders in all areas. Visit KI this summer to learn about their Aquaponics & Community Gardens or their Community Controlled Food Initiative.


Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) is an organization of predominantly white folks who fight for racial justice while also learning ways to use their white identity for the movement. Attend one of their regular meetings to get involved with one of their active campaigns.

Younger Women’s Task Force

The Younger Women’s Task Force is a group for young by young women who purse intersectional justice and fight for liberation through community organizing efforts. YWTF adopts a feminist lens and focuses on reproductive justice in their initiatives. Become an activist member to start learning and demanding change.

Civic Engagement and Leadership Development

Purdue’s CELD office is home to many opportunities to serve the Purdue community directly as well as the Greater Lafayette community. The CELD continuously runs the ACE food pantry and also has a street team working to eliminate homelessness in Lafayette. Take advantage of these direct service opportunties alongside other great students and staff.

I encourage everyone to take some time out of their summer to serve their local community through one of these or other organizations that are pursing equality and justice. I will be interning with Kheprw Institute this summer so hopefully I will see some of you at our programming. By working together we can eliminate the systems of oppression that exist and build a better world for everyone.


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